Packing Tips

These are great packing tips whether you are packing and moving within Winston Salem or across the country, try these ideas to help ease the burden of packing.

1. Pack heavy items such as books, tools, and canned food in smaller boxes, if you pack a large box with heavy items it may be too heavy to lift.

2. Pack dishes, fine china, and glasses with plenty of newsprint and mark FRAGILE.

3. Pack decorative items first, and wrap with clean white wrapping paper, not newspaper this could stain items.

4. Mark each box with labels, or bold black marker indicating which room they will belong in. Also, mark contents of each box so you know which boxes need unpacking first and which ones can be put aside.

5. Cover furniture such as sofas, love seats, cushioned chairs, and mattress with plastic covers, these are inexpensive, and protect your belongings from dust, dirt and allergens. WE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU.

6. Pack lightweight items such as linens, bedding, stuffed animals, pillows and towels in oversized boxes.

7. Pack kitchen and bathroom items last, as these are the most used items, and unpack these boxes first when moving in. Once you have these rooms organized your half way done!

8. Make sure all boxes are taped across the bottom and the top three times, don’t allow room for damage by improper packaging.

9. When packing go room by room so you don’t feel overwhelmed; if available put boxes in an unused room to keep out of the way.

10. Wardrobe boxes are a good choice for clothing: easy pack and unpack.

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