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Cleaning Out Your Apartment Before Moving: 5 Helpful Tips

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Highlighted, Organizing

Let’s be honest. Beyond the logistics of the actual move, relocations can affect your mental state. Questions quickly arise: Did you take everything you needed? Did anything precious slip through the cracks? Are you leaving a presentable apartment for the next owner? The answer to all these quandaries is a thorough apartment cleaning.

But cleaning an apartment before moving out is so much more than a routine clean-up, and, thus, requires some extra consideration and techniques. It’s a clean-up and decluttering operation encompassing every part of the apartment. However, the right tips can smooth out the process.

Decluttering and Cleaning
First, start with the clutter that’s a part of your daily life. Most of it will be packed up and taken, and once it’s gone, it’ll be easier to assess the apartment’s cleanliness state.

Secondly, throw away unnecessary items, especially disposable objects, and if possible, sell what you can and what you don’t wish to keep.

Thirdly, consider starting with the kitchen because it’s usually the most packed, challenging, and time-consuming to clean up.

Also, don’t overlook the laundry. Everything being clean and ready to pack will make the packing day so much less stressful.

Enjoying the Ride
Lastly, while a plan and method matter the most, there’s another secret ingredient that, depending on your circumstances and personality, may be even more impactful: remember to have fun. Play music, listen to a podcast, light some incense – anything that’d make packing more relaxed and enjoyable.

Have a Plan
Above all else, being methodical is the key to efficiently cleaning out your apartment. If you try to do everything at once without spreading out the tasks, you likely won’t have a good time. So, don’t put this extra stress on yourself, plan carefully instead. Spread out the tasks to save physical energy and reduce stress. Moving is strenuous and stressful on its own, and this added stress can only make it more daunting.

Key Takeaways:

  • First find all of your clutter and take care of that first.
  • Next, find your garbage items, and either throw them away or sell them.
  • When you do start packing, try to make sure you start with the Kitchen.

“Spreading your tasks out will save you some energy and stress and make things flow much more smoothly when moving day arrives.”

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