6 Tips on How to Maximize Closet Space

In order to maximize closet space, you’re naturally going to have to condense what is inside. Start this by storing any off-season clothes in compact bins that can be stored in another area. You can create a more spacious closet area by focusing on the floor space with shoe racks and a hanging bar for
Buying a home can be time-consuming as well as exciting, but it is important to do a few tasks as soon as possible after you move in or even before. One thing you need to do is change the locks on the doors so that you know no one else has a key. Updating your

How to Budget for a Long-Distance Move

Moving is always hard and costly, but the costs can increase when you are moving across state lines. There are many costs associated with moving that come easily to the mind, but there are often surprise costs that movers do not anticipate and do not plan for. One way to avoid surprise costs is to

Best Home Inventory Apps

Applications for your phone or computer can be very helpful when it comes to keeping track of your household, or preparing for a big move to a new place. There are many apps to simplify that process. For example, Sortly is an app that provides you with moving checklists and a searchable tagging system. Encircle


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