Wanting some organization? This article provides some useful links and also helpful ideas in trying to organize your life. Even 15 minutes of time can de-clutter your space and make you feel brand new.  From organizing pouches, to enlightening books and more ways to get cozy and comfortable in your life, Laura Wittmann gives the
Most goals in your life require motivation. Not everyone can be motivated the same way because every human being is unique. In this article you will find the answer to this wonderful mystery. Don’t let long projects scare you, even more if they are related with health issues. You are about to discover the way
If the right paint color is chosen, you prep before the project begins, and complete these other three steps.  Painting the interior of your home or office can be an invigorating and rewarding project that you enjoy completing. Get your canvas drop cloth and paint brushes ready and let the painting fun begin. Take Five:

7 Necessary Items for Living in a Tiny House

If you want to live comfortably in a tiny house, you can very well do so but it is a lot easier when you are prepared with all the items that you need. Exactly what does one need to live comfortably in a tiny house? There are seven essential items important to own for life


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