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Moving house can be very difficult, and figuring out what to do and what order to do it in can paralyze you with fear. You can find on moving day that you haven’t completed everything you need to. To avoid this problem, follow this list of ten essential things you should do when moving. Tasks
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So the big day has finally come and your ready to move into your new abode. You just can’t grab your suitcase and move right in; that would be too easy. Here’s a quick checklist you can use to help your transition. 1. Bedding and pillows. 2. Cleaning supplies. 3. Tools and flashlight. 4. Basic

Do I Need Moving Insurance?

moving insurance
You may want to consider moving insurance to protect your valuables during the move. Even if you have been careful with packing and shipping, and hired professionals that will handle your items with care, accidents can still happen. The whole idea behind any kind of insurance is to help pay for damage caused from an
There are several ways to improve your interactions with the movers on moving day. You will feel less stressed if you let them do their job, and the movers will appreciate not being micromanaged. Make sure everything is packed before the movers arrive, unless you are paying for them to do it. Take any valuable


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