December is a wonderful time of year!  Lots of hustle and bustle, Christmas parties and yule tide cheer.  However with all the parties and gifts you may start to notice a pile up of clutter.  Maybe you need to declutter to create a more welcoming space for out of town guest or simply to create
Remember the real estate mantra; location, location, location!  Maybe you’ve decided on the perfect location and now you are dreading an upcoming move.  Moving has its own mantra too; Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!  Below are some great tips for your next move!   Source: Your Complete Guide to the Pre-Move Purge
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Solutions for moving and storing for temporary moves
When moving, it’s not always possible to occupy your new home right away. You may have to wait for the former owner to empty it or, if you’re building a new house, for the construction company to finish the work. In the meantime, you may temporarily move in with a friend or relative who has


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