How to Pack Drawers for Moving

how to pack
To fill or not to fill? That is the question when it comes to moving furniture with drawers. If you have a sturdy piece of furniture, you’ll probably want to leave the drawers full, which will add extra stabilization weight and save on space. But, if you have a flimsy piece of furniture, you should

Best Way to Pack Artwork for Moving

careful packing items
When moving you may need to consider how you want to pack your artwork. Having the right materials is needed for making sure your art stays in pristine condition. You want to make sure you have the proper padding such as bubble wrap. Typically you will want to avoid packing peanuts and newspaper if you
Your 20’s and 30’s should be about exploring your options and getting out into the world and choosing. If you do not take calculated risks you do not know what could be exciting new opportunities. Expanding your knowledge and experiences are what those years are for, and when you move often you gain contacts. An
packing for moving
Getting motivated to pack for moving can be hard. You may be hesitant to leave your memories and place of comfort behind. It can be really bad to put this off to the last minute given the costs and time related to moving. Make a checklist. Break your packing into small tasks that can completed


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