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When Is the Best Time of Year to Move?

by | Mar 29, 2024 | Trending

Moving isn’t quite the same in every season. It’s not just the weather that changes (although it’s a significant factor, especially if you’re in an area with harsh seasonal weather), but also cost and ease of move. But each season has something to offer for moving, so it’s best to learn the pros and cons to select the perfect one for your next big move.

Moving in spring seems quite appealing, especially given its moderate weather. While spring can be rainy and volatile at times, you avoid relocating in the extremes of summer and winter. It’s not the cheapest season to move, but it’s acceptable, especially in early spring. However, if you have school-attending kids, it might not be the best.

Also, late spring and early summer are peak moving seasons, so you’ll see prices jump considerably around this time.

Summer is when many people sell houses. It’s also a period of longer days and comparatively less rain, so it seems like the perfect time to pack up. Plus, children have summers off from school, which is ideal for moving. But the costs are high, and so are the temperatures.

Like spring, autumn brings moderate temperatures and sees moving costs gradually decrease. It’s also the calm before the storm of upcoming holidays. However, it likely isn’t the most convenient time for children. They will have to move at the start of the school year and must adjust to the new school.

Winter is by far the cheapest time to move, and if you have luck with the weather, it may be a surprisingly decent time for a relocation, too. However, shorter days, colder and possibly harsh weather and looming holidays can complicate even the best planning.

Key Takeaways:

  • During the spring is good because the weather will usually be good.
  • The summer is a good time because that is usually when homes sell for the most.
  • Typically, in the autumn the buyers’ market will start to cool down making it easier and faster to sell.

“About 70% of moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, making it a competitive season for everyone.”

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