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Moving Essentials: A Guide to Choosing the Right Moving Supplies and Packing Supplies

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Organizing

Moving is by no means easy. Besides finding a new home, you also need to pack, transport, and unpack all your belongings. The best way to speed up the process and protect your possessions is to invest in high-quality packing materials.

Here are the supplies you’ll need.

Boxes are the bedrock of every move. Cardboard boxes are more affordable, but they’re not nearly as durable as their plastic counterparts. Consider the latter to store and relocate fragile belongings, such as china and electronics.

Bubble and Plastic Wrap
Speaking of fragile items, you shouldn’t put them randomly in your boxes. Instead, wrap them with plastic or bubble cushioning to keep them safe from speed bumps and other threats.

Duct Tape
Once your possessions are inside, you’ll need to seal them with duct tape. If you’re having trouble closing or sealing a container due to too much stuff, maybe it’s time to discard some of it. If you no longer need old clothes and toiletries, either donate or throw them away to make your packing easier.

Labels and Markers
You first want to unpack the items you’ll need the most when you relocate. These may include bed linen, toothbrushes, towels, and electronics. You can unload the rest later, but how will you know what’s inside each box?

Labels and markers are your best option. Use them to mark every container before loading it onto your transport truck.

Dollies, Straps, and Ramps
The last thing you want is to injure your back when moving. To reduce the risk of injuries, rent a few dollies to help you carry heavy items. You can also consider a ramp to load bulky furniture more easily and straps to secure your appliances.

Scissors or scalpels will be a huge boon when unpacking. Use them to cut through duct tape like a knife through butter.

Key Takeaways:

  • When getting ready to move and starting packing, it’s important to have a moving budget in mind.
  • You should have a strategy for your packing process and plan your packing supplies accordingly.
  • Start ordering moving supplies six weeks out and start packing a month before your move.

“Using the right packing material and moving supplies will keep you organized and your belongings safe so your move is streamlined and stress-free.”

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