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Guide to Moving to Another State: Checklist and Tips

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Features

Moving to another state is a big task, you have to take your entire life, and move it to another part of the country. You will want to have a plan to make it as painless as possible. No matter your reason for leaving, whether it be a job, cheaper cost of living, or just to be closer to family, the task is still a big one, even though it’s worth it. Make a list of the big things you need to get done first and do those, not in any particular order.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to develop a detailed moving and packing checklist as soon as possible, since it will help you plan everything else you do.
  • Develop a budget for paying a moving company, since long-distance moves should always be handled by professionals.
  • Try to get rid of as many of your belongings as possible, especially those you have not used in at least a year, or those that you can sell.

“No matter the true reason or reasons for wanting to move to another state, it’s the preparation stage ahead of you that will determine whether you end the moving journey with a smile on your face or a splitting headache”

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