Do's and Don'ts

Things you need to know before your move!

35992728 - movers unloading a moving vanIt is our policy at American Moving and Hauling to have our movers in Greensboro, Winston Salem and the surrounding areas to move under the safest conditions, therefore please be aware of the following:

*We are unable to carry any flammable or hazardous materials. Please be aware that you must transport items such as cleaning products, paint, light bulbs, plants of any kind, propane tanks, kerosene heaters, fuel containers, other chemicals also any lawnmowers, or motorcycles, etc must be completely drained of fuel prior to loading.

Most Important!
*Please have all loose items boxed! For the sake of the safety of your items and the professional packing of the truck, we cannot take loose items. Please make sure all items are packed. If it will fit in a box, it needs to be packed.

Examples of items commonly not packed, that should be:

Garage/Yard items/tools
Children’s toys
Small Appliances

Please be prepared for your move. If you need packing services, please let us know beforehand and we will gladly help. We don’t want to be the bad guy and tell you we can’t take your items unpacked. Not being properly packed causes your move to take much longer than needed. For example, small loose items cause a lot of running back and forth from the truck when these items could have been consolidated into one box. Also, loose items are extremely hard to pack safely and space efficiently in the truck. With moving, being prepared and packed saves you MONEY!

Also, we will not be responsible for damage to items packed by the customer, unless the box is visibly damaged from the outside, so please make sure you pack properly.

*During the move please make sure all pets and small children are not underfoot.  This causes a problem for the movers, and could result in injury.  If possible make arrangements for a sitter away from home, and have animals crated, or confined to one room.  We love children and animals and we want them to be safe!

*For the safety of you, your family and your belongings we do not allow any outside help during the move.  For liability and insurance purposes we do not allow anyone other than employees on the truck or to use any equipment.  We cannot be responsible for damages to furniture moved by you, or anyone in your party.

*If it rains or snows on your move day, you will have the option to reschedule, considering our availability.  However, we will continue working at your discretion (if the temperature is above 60 degrees, and road conditions are good) but we will not be responsible for water damaged items, or items damaged due to slick conditions.

*Keep all Boxes under 50lbs, and please package heavy items in small boxes

*Please label all boxes by room so we can put them in the proper place.

*Please make sure that the moving truck will have ample room for parking

*If you have light colored furniture, please request that the movers stretch wrap those pieces to avoid stains on the fabric.

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