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13 Things You Need to Do When You Move to Get Settled into a New Home

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Moving

Physically demanding. Emotionally taxing. Time-consuming. Those are just some of the adjectives used to describe the act of moving. So, after packing all your belongings and transporting them, taking on another Herculean endeavor is probably the last thing you’ll want to do. But without properly settling into your new home, your next life chapter will start on the wrong foot.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, follow the 13-point checklist below, and your new place will become a home in no time.

1. Check Appliances for Damage
Ensure your appliances haven’t been damaged in transit, especially if a moving company took care of them.

2. Check Other Items
Appliances might be the costliest items you’ve moved, but your furniture and personal belongings are no less important. Check them for signs of damage next.

3. Keep All the Receipts
Keep your bill of lading, payment receipt, and all the other crucial moving documentation in a secure place. You never know when you might need them.

4. Set Up Utilities
Let’s face it – there’s no modern life without electricity, water, and the internet. So, make sure everything is up and running immediately.

5. Register Your New Address
You’ve probably already taken care of this step. But double-checking can’t hurt, as this is the only way to start receiving mail at your new place.

6. Enroll Your Kids in School
Unfortunately, moving will probably be quite challenging for your kids. Register them with a good school to help them settle in as soon as possible.

7. Take Care of Your Vehicle
Did you move to a new state or country? If so, you’ll need a new driver’s license and plates for your vehicle.

8. Register to Vote
Make sure you’re on the voter’s register for your new area.

9. Get Informed About Professionals in Your Area
Inquire about services (plumbing, dentistry, etc.) you’ll need in the future and find reliable professionals in your new area.

10. Create an Emergency Contact List
Gather all the crucial local information in one convenient place.

11. Get Acquainted with the Neighborhood
Meet your neighbors and tour the local hotspots to quickly feel at home.

12. Find a Reliable Insurance Company
If you’re moving to a new state or province, you’ll need a new household, auto, and health insurance policy.

13. Get a Library Card
This simple act can make you feel at home right away.

Key Takeaways:

  • If moving house, you’re only finished when everything is unpacked and put away.
  • You should check to make sure that all of your belongings made it to your new house unbroken.
  • You also need to get electricity and internet, figure out your school district, register your car, and more.

“This is particularly true if the mover prepared your appliances for the move.”

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