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10 Mature Tips for Moving with Children

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Features, Highlighted

Moving can be frustrating and challenging under any circumstances, but when children are part of the move, the situation can be overwhelming. By default, the move is disruptive and for some people almost traumatic. There are few things you can do to ease the pain both for parents and children. Don’t make the move secretive, rather discuss it openly with you children to allay any fears and concerns your children may have. Allow them to help with the move, but try keeping their routine intact which would help smooth the transition. Have a dedicated box of essentials for your kids ready for the move, and keep them away from the action on the actual move day. Start working on the school transfer as soon as possible and help your kids adapt to the new home and new environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have your children help with the move as it is a great way to ease their anxiety and also build a stronger bond with them.
  • When you move into your new home, make sure to child proof it right away to keep your children safe.
  • Children rely on a specific routine, so try to keep their routine the same throughout the entire moving process.

“Naturally, once you inform your kids that you’re moving, they will have tons of questions about that future change. So, arm yourselves with patience and do your best to answer their questions fully and honestly – keep in mind that withholding important details from them will most likely backfire on your after the move is over.”

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