American Moving And Hauling Licensed And Insured

Your movers insurance may seem a bit confusing but this may help explain insurance, additional insurance charges, and your coverage.

Two Insurance options are available to you:

•  $.60 per pound Basic Value Coverage

•  $4.00 per pound Full Value Coverage

Basic Value Coverage- You are automatically covered with .60 per pound depreciated coverage; this is included in your movers rate.  This rate is based on weight, and weight is estimated, generally by room.  For example if a piece that weighs 100lbs is damaged your coverage to repair or replace that item would be up to $60.00.

Full Value Protection- protects your items up to $4.00 per pound, and costs you an additional. $.75 per $100.00 of value.  For example- your shipment weighs 5,000 lbs your coverage would be $20,000.00 and your additional cost would be $150.00.  However, you may declare the value of the shipment up to $50,000 with full value protection.  Your cost for that coverage would be $50,000 x $.75/100 = $375.00 charge.

The cost of different levels of Full Value Coverage

  • $40,000 coverage for an additional $300.00
  • $30,000 coverage for an additional $225.00
  • $20,000 coverage for an additional $150.00

Please call us if you have any additional questions about your coverage

American Moving and Hauling Licensed and Insured

* Repair of items is always first option, at movers discretion, before replacement.

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