High Point North Carolina is notable because it’s the only city in North Carolina that sits in four different counties. It is an up and coming city, with a large increase in job opportunities. The city was originally founded by both Quakers and German immigrants. It has always been known as the furniture capital of
Moving can be an unpleasant experience, but with proper planning, the process can run smoothly. Begin by purging any unused or unnecessary possessions. Start packing far in advance, focusing on off-season items. Furthermore, hire the help (moving services, cleaners, etc.) and contact the utility companies early. It’s also useful to keep a moving folder with
unpacking after a move
As exciting as a move to a new city can be, it can also be very hectic. Asking the right questions to your mover can help keep things moving smoothly. The first is to make sure that you know who your direct contact is, so you know who to contact with changes. The second is

Tips for Moving in the Fall

There are many advantages for planning a move during the Fall season. First, it is not as busy of a season for moving, because it is after the “before school starts” moves. As a result, you have more flexibility in choosing a date. Another advantage is the weather – it is much more pleasant and

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