When moving into a senior-living community make sure there is ample security in place. If you are living independently, your individual residence should have a door that locks. The community itself should have security staff and a system for visitors, such as a sign-in sheet and badges. Security cameras are also important and can deter
If you’re like a lot of other people, packing for your residence move is a large and overwhelming task, especially when we think about how many different types of items are present in a kitchen. In his new blog post, Anthony Bale breaks down packing up that kitchen into a manageable field guide. From ensuring
Moving into a new home involves a lot of stress, but there are things you can do to ease the transition. Moving your furniture in can be easier on you if you plan ahead and measure the dimensions of your new home. In order to make sure your belongings are as safe as possible, it
Moving to a new house can be quite a task. Moving requires that you use moving boxes to pack properties. Now after movement, what do you do with the boxes. These boxes can serve in another movement to a new house in the future, especially if it’s still in good condition. Flatten them and store


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