moving boxes
When they’re not out on display, holiday decorations often get stuffed into a cramped space, creating a hassle for you when you need to take them out or work around t. To prevent your fragile items from being damaged, use sturdier boxes meant for fragile objects. Recycle items like egg cartons then put the smaller
If you’re looking to downsize your home, there are steps you can take to get rid of unnecessary items that you may no longer need. You may have quite a few items that are worth money. You could hire an auction company to earn you a bit of extra cash. For everything else, you could

Geekiest Cities in the U.S.

Today, many people proudly identify as geeks of some sort, and if you do so, you may want to live near others like you. If you’re a science and technology geek, Framingham, Massachusetts (on the outskirts of Boston) is the place to be. Computer and electronic geeks are concentrated in Santa Clara, San Jose and
Moving off campus can save you a lot of money but you must be aware of some new costs that come with becoming a commuter student. You will need to buy groceries. A commuter meal plan may also help those times while you are on campus. It is nice to be able to cook for


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