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When Is the Best Time of Year to Move?

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Highlighted

Moving presents various challenges, and picking the right time for the change of location is amongst the crucial factors. While initially it may seem that the time of year doesn’t make much difference in this regard, the opposite is true.

Moving during one season might be more expensive, while moving in a different month could be complicated. Every season will have its advantages and downsides, depending on the particular circumstances.

Spring might be the ideal time to move. The weather is good, and prices aren’t too high. Many locations will be free from the accumulated snow, and moving companies are more available, at least until late May, when the moving season peaks.

On the downside, families with kids will have a harder time organizing the move, since the children will still have school responsibilities, like exams. Also, prices might start soaring in late spring as moving options become scarcer.

Summer is usually when the demand for real estate ramps up, making it an excellent time to sell your old home. The days are longer and it’s more convenient to pack and wrap up additional tasks. Plus, the kids won’t have school and the summer move will give them a fresh start in the new setting.

The primary con of moving in the summer will undoubtedly be the pricing. Summer is the most active season for moving, which means a higher demand for moving companies and, naturally, higher prices. Plus, the higher temperatures will make the process less pleasant.

With its moderate temperatures, fall is the most pleasant time to move. The real estate market cools down along with the weather, making home prices more accessible during this season. Additionally, moving during the fall will give the family an opportunity to settle down before the holiday season.

Similar to spring, a fall move may be the most challenging for kids. Changing location around the new school year will make adjusting to the new environment harder, especially if the children need to attend a different school.

Winter is by far the cheapest season for moving. Shorter days and low temperatures mean less demand, leaving the companies available throughout the day.

At the same time, the weather can get particularly harsh during winter, requiring more preparations and potentially prolonging the process.

Key Takeaways:

  • During the spring is good because the weather will usually be good.
  • The summer is a good time because that is usually when homes sell for the most.
  • Typically, in the autumn the buyers’ market will start to cool down making it easier and faster to sell.

“About 70% of moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, making it a competitive season for everyone.”

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