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What to Do 2 Days Before Moving Day

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Moving

Let’s not sugarcoat it – moving is incredibly stressful. You must find a reliable moving company, declutter your home, pack lots of boxes, and the list goes on and on. With new things constantly popping up, getting overwhelmed as the big day approaches is perfectly understandable.

The final 48 hours is where the stress often reaches its peak. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Keep to the checklist below, and you’ll welcome the moving truck with nothing but a smile.

1. Prepare Your Fridge for Transport
Unlike most appliances, the fridge must be prepped before the moving day arrives. What does this prep entail? Well, you’ll need to defrost it and allow it enough time to rest before packing it up and using it at your new place.

2. Disassemble Furniture Pieces
Like the fridge, some pieces of furniture require a little extra care before they’re ready to be shipped off to your new address. You should take apart the biggest and most complex pieces first (e.g., bed and wardrobe) to ensure nothing gets left behind and minimize the risk of damage.

3. Double-Check the Appropriateness of the Moving Truck
Imagine this – you’ve gone through the trouble of essentially packing your life into a few boxes and mentally preparing for the moving day. But the moving truck arrives, and it can’t fit all your belongings. To avoid unnecessary stress and potential delays, call up your chosen company two days before the move and ensure that your truck is of an appropriate size and has all the necessary permits.

4. Think Ahead
Unpacking, getting used to the new space, setting up utilities, and dealing with potential issues are just some of the things you’ll have to worry about after arriving at your new place.

To help navigate the initial chaos with ease, pack a bag of essentials for every family member. This way, you’ll enjoy a modicum of comfort even if you can’t find your belongings (toiletries, clothes, chargers, etc.) immediately.

Key Takeaways:
• Two days before moving, defrost the refrigerator and freezer and clean them.
• Prepare an essentials box of items you’ll need to get you through the first couple of days.
• Start disassembling furniture ahead of time just in case it proves to be more difficult than you thought.

“Vital documents should always stay with you rather than moving with the truck or moving company.”

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