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How to Pack Dishes for Moving: Dish Packing Guide

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Features

Moving is one of those activities that provoke mixed feelings. On one hand, it is often the start of the new phase in our lives, but on the other hand, it brings a lot of stress and anxiety. The key to lowering the stress levels is to plan and pack properly. When packing, utmost care needs to be devoted to the dishes as they are fragile and occasionally of great sentimental value. Ensure that the boxes you pick are sturdy and provide sufficient amount of filler materials that will absorb any impacts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bubble wrap and soft, acid-free packing paper are great, but avoid newspaper because it leaves stains.
  • Use tape to reinforce the bottoms and strengthen the sides of your packing boxes.
  • Fill in any gaps in the packed box; you should feel no movement if you shake the box.

“It’s best if you play it safe and bet on special boxes made of double layers of corrugated cardboard to better protect their highly fragile content.”

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