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Better Safe Than Sorry- Our Inclement Weather Policy

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Moving

So, guess what I am doing today, and the rest of the American Moving Crew, on this beautiful snowy day? I’m sitting at home in my PJs, drinking a hot cup of coffee and listening to the snow fall. You know why? Because it the safe thing to do. Yes, we had moves scheduled today, but due to the unsafe road conditions we had to reschedule.

Inconvenient? Yes! But you know what is more inconvenient? Hurt employees, damaged equipment, vehicles, and furniture!

We want to move under the safest conditions possible and these, well honey, they ain’t it!

I know that can put a wet blanket on your plans, but please understand the general risks and liability of moving you WITHOUT EVEN ADDING IN THE SNOW AND ICE! 🙂

We are professionals, and we do this everyday. If we advise that your move should be rescheduled due to the weather, please be aware its for your best interest as well! Not to mention the extra cost you could accrue due to your move taking longer and delays in driving.

So, with that in mind, enjoy the peaceful quiet of this beautiful snow day! Drink some cocoa, go sledding, bake cookies or watch a movie with the fam! Blessings!

Moving on a day its not snowing? lol! Call us! 336-765-3499


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