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Best Home Inventory Apps

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Features

Applications for your phone or computer can be very helpful when it comes to keeping track of your household, or preparing for a big move to a new place. There are many apps to simplify that process. For example, Sortly is an app that provides you with moving checklists and a searchable tagging system. Encircle (a free app) allows you to make a photographic directory of your items, to ensure you have everything all packed up. Home Inventory is an app for the more detail-oriented folks, providing you with space in the app to upload receipts to your personal archive, warranty information for your devices, and coverage analysis for your insured appliances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home inventory apps are an invaluable tool for moving, allowing you to keep closer track of your belongings and avoid losing things.
  • The Encircle home app allows you to take pictures of your belongings and organize them room-by-room.
  • Magic Home Inventory not only lets you organize and categorize your belongings, it also lets you share your inventory with movers.

“The free version of this app includes space for 100 items, gives you starter checklists, and allows you to create searchable tags and categories for your belongings.”

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