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Housekeeping- Frequently Asked Questions

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Features

There are so many activities that you could be focusing your attention on, but instead, you’re stuck cleaning the house once again. Do you ever feel like you could use a break, or at least a helping hand? Hiring a housekeeping service may be the best answer.  We’ve compiled a short list of frequently asked questions to help you decide on if this service would be right for your life. We also provide a short checklist in case you choose to continue on your own and a few tips and tricks to help get your place maid service spotless!

Key Takeaways:

  • Deciding whether a housekeeper is right for you involves considering cost, privacy, overall expectations, and what else might be gained or lost.
  • Purging too much or little, failing to plan, doing it alone, limiting the time to get it done, and not following directions are a few mistakes people make when cleaning.
  • Methods to save time on cleaning involve planning to do it in one hour or less and breaking up the time in zones throughout the house or better yet, hire help saving you time and efficiency.

“Planning goes a long way toward reducing the amount of time spent on cleaning”

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