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Your Complete Guide to the Pre-Move Purge

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Features

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. You’ve just decided to move to a new place. You’re unbelievably excited and enthusiastic. Then, almost as soon as the rush of delight came on, reality sets in for you. You look around, with a growing sense of dread, at all of your stuff, the stuff that now needs to be packed into a box, hauled into a moving truck, and moved. Just thinking about it makes you want to change your decision about moving, and you haven’t even started the process yet.

Key Takeaways:

  • By eliminating unworn clothes, out-of-date televisions and college-dated futons, your future moves will be a hundred times easier – trust me.
  • Even if you haven’t used or worn something in years, it’s easy to tell yourself that you might need it one day (spoiler alert: you won’t).
  • For me, letting go of old clothes and fashion accessories is the most difficult step of the purging process.

“Before you move, it’s important to print a copy of your new home’s floor plan and try to imagine what will go where. If you’re downsizing, you should get rid of the clunky furniture you won’t be using in the new home.”


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